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How to Draw Series: Courses

Procreate Animation Club| Beginner Art

Ages 8 - 13 | Meets once a week | 50 Minutes

In this weekly club, learners will create simple animations while learning beginners tools using Procreate. Each class begins with an introduction on one of the 12 principles of animation, then followed by step by step instruction to create the weekly animation. Learners will have the rest of the class to continue their creation and troubleshoot with the teacher.

Procreate Animation_psd (1).jpg
Animation Intermediate_nologo.jpg

Digital Dabble: Procreate Animation Club | Intermediate Art

Ages 8 - 13| Meets once a week | 50 minutes

Young artists will create fun animation challenges in a social setting using Procreate. This class is geared towards intermediate animators. Topics include Nature, animals, plants, food..

Digital Dabble: All About Animation | Intermediate + Advanced Art

Ages 8 - 13| Meets once a week | 50 minutes

Join our immersive class where learners discover the fascinating world of animated films. From concept to completion, they'll explore every stage of filmmaking in a collaborative environment. Perfect for intermediate & advanced animators.


Digital Dabble: Shoot for the Stars! | Beginners Photography

Ages 8 - 13 | Meets once a week | 50 Minutes

In this class, young photographers will learn photography techniques through fun activities. Through hands-on learning, they will learn to express themselves, develop unique perspectives, and capture the world in stunning images.

Digital Dabble: Procreate 101 | Beginner Art & Design

Ages 8 - 13| Meets once a week | 50 minutes

Ignite your learner's creativity in our digital art class! With demos, they'll master Procreate tools for sketching, painting & animation. Encouraging experimentation & problem-solving, our fun challenges will unleash their artistic genius

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