miss bunny🖌️

Art teacher

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Teaching Philosophy

 “Art is my life-long passion and my source of creativity. Looking at the world through artists’ eyes encourages perspective, contemplation, and creativity, which is beneficial for various life aspects in a child’s development. I want to create an atmosphere for learners to celebrate their creativity.”

- bunny huynh (miss bunny)

art teacher

🖌️Teaching experience: 5+ years of teaching (children and adult), taught ESL in university setting.

🖌️ Artist Highlight: Exhibited paintings at Art Gallery of Hamilton, received awards for BJD Face-up competitions internationally

🖌️ Education: Bachelor of Psychology from Algoma University (Canada)

Cool Facts:

  • A well-known Ball Joint Doll Face-up Artist with nine years of professional experience.

  • A self taught watercolor artist with a focus on botanic realism

About miss bunny

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(Painting, drawing, ball joint doll face-up)

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Artworks by miss bunny



My son is loving Miss Bunny's class! She is so sweet, engaging and patient. I love how she reaches out directly to each kid. Each week they learn to draw a different animal and it's just the right amount of fun and challenge. He's focused and engaged for 40+ minutes.

joy o.