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Mr. Michael🖌️

Art teacher

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Teaching Philosophy

"I believe students can succeed and enjoy themselves when given the right encouragement. Learning a new skill is often daunting, especially when most think they must be good at it. The most enjoyable part of the creative process is the passion for art. Discovering the arts changed my life, skills hope to create the same experience for others!"

- Mr. Michael

art teacher

🖌️Teaching experience:  1 year of teaching experience (children ages 8-13)

🖌️Artist Highlight: Worked on game jams and made art for a whole game in under 48 hours. Currently studying at a traditional art academy, tabled at multiple artist alleys!

🖌️ Education: Bachelor of Fine Art from OCAD University

Cool Facts: 

  • He plays basketball and badminton

  • He is a long-time manga fan and has been reading one piece since middle school.

  • He loves the “play” during creation.

About Mr. Michael


(Drawing, Character Design)

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Artworks by Mr. Michael

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