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Mr. zachary🖌️

Art teacher

Our Staff: Team Members
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Teaching Philosophy

“I believe every student should be allowed to learn and explore in a creative way free from boundaries and barriers. In art, I work to focus on the joy and success that can be found in the process of creation and use the results as positive benchmarks of discussion and reflection.”

- Mr. Zachary

art teacher

🖌️Teaching experience: 2+ years of teaching (children of all ages), designed and implemented art curriculum

 🖌️Artist Highlight: Created work in a multitude of styles and mediums and exhibited at various galleries in the Niagara Region

🖌️ Education: Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University and Bachelor of Studio Art from Brock University

Cool Facts: 

  • He loves to create art sustainably using found objects and forgotten artworks

  • He made a mural on the walls of an entire studio

  • He loves to create characters and new worlds from my imagination

About Mr. Zachary

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(Drawing, Painting)

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Artworks by Mr. Zachary

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