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Hear Directly From the Parents of Our Learners

At Miss Jenny’s Studio, we deeply value the feedback and experiences shared by our learners and their families. We believe in creating a learning environment that is constantly improving, and these feedback helps us achieve just that.


Great teacher! My daughter loved Professor Em and was super proud of the end result.

natalie d.

Reviews: Testimonials

Great teacher: spent time listening to each child, very encouraging and positive regarding drawings and sharing; Class: fun structure with trivia in the beginning.

Esther a.

Mx. Em Noordam's class is an incredible value as she teaches skills and connects with my child enabling her to discover herself.

outschool parent

Ms. Aliya is a great teacher, especially for younger kids. She’s very patient with them and my son asked to do another class with her.

amber f.

My daughter took this class with Dylan as the teacher. She had a great time and he was very good at kindly giving her feedback, and he kept conversations going as they drew. Highly recommend.

kenya b.

Wonderful mixture of animal facts, art instruction and social emotional! I love that the teacher makes the classes personal for each learner and makes them feel special. Both of my daughters (4 and 7 yrs old) enjoy the class!

megan l.

I was trying to find a fun class for my friendly, 5yo art enthusiast. She LOVED it. The teacher was so kind and knew how to interact with each student. They all felt heard and seen on top of actually learning about art!

jill b.

Reviews: Testimonials

This is a class my child looks forward to every week and he is encouraged that his drawing skills have improved. The instructor is wonderful; very positive and encouraging!  

nicole u.

Mx Em is fantastic! She engages all her “trainers” and even gives them time to share before diving into the class and at the end of class. Little girls need that sharing time, lol. My daughter is always excited for this class and has made some great Pokémon drawings! personal for each learner and makes them feel special. Both of my daughters (4 and 7 yrs old) enjoy the class!

megan l.

My 9-year-old LOVES this class. She finds the teacher to be super nice. She also loves learning about different drawing techniques and the information about the animals they draw each week.


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