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A Message From Miss Jenny

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The inspiration

My journey to founding Miss Jenny’s Studio in 2020 came from a deeply personal place. As a professional artist who was teaching with various local art organizations, I realized that I could reach people more directly through teaching art.

The power of art

I've always believed in the therapeutic benefits of art as art was a tool for me to process emotion and express myself in ways words cannot. Beyond the brushstrokes and colors, art teaches children critical life skills like problem-solving, patience, emotional regulation and self expression. It's these benefits that I've experienced firsthand and hope to bring to our learners.
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Growth and Community


Since starting up, we've been committed to continuously enhancing our offerings. We've added various new classes designed to cater to specific age groups and skill levels, ensuring there's something for every young artist. Additionally, we've welcomed onboard specialized teachers who bring new expertise. 

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