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Watercolor Wander Series

Our approach simplifies the painting process and makes it easy for beginners and experienced artists alike to produce awesome works of art.
Our step-by-step lessons will provide learners with a solid foundation, help them build critical skills, and give them the confidence they need to take their painting skills to the next level.


Ages 4 - 8 | Meets once a week | 40 minutes

In this art club, learners try out two painting challenges to create art they will be proud of. They will learn basic watercolor painting techniques and use their imagination.

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Ages 8 - 13 | Meets once a week | 50 Minutes

In this art club, learners will paint two beautiful flowers in each class with step-by-step demonstrations. They will learn basic watercolor techniques and master them through practice and experimentation. By taking this class, learners will have a beautiful collection of watercolor paintings.

Watercolor Wander Series: Courses
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