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Arts and Crafts Class
Shape the Future of Young Artists with
Miss Jenny’s Studio Circle

Miss Jenny’s Studio Circle is an online membership program that inspires, connects, and empowers young artists ages 4-13.

As a parent, you'll go from being concerned about your child's creative development and unsure of how to support them to seeing them flourish artistically, reassured that you have provided them with a nurturing environment that fosters artistic potential.

Join us in this exciting building phase and help shape the future of our artistic community.

Nurture Your Child's Development Through Art 

Art plays a crucial role in a child’s development and provides the following benefits:

Enhances Creativity:
Encourages imaginative thinking and innovation

Improves Critical Thinking
and Problem-Solving:

Develops analytical skills through creative processes

Boosts Confidence
and Emotional Intelligence:

Helps children express themselves and build self-esteem

Improves Fine Motor Skills and Hand-Eye Coordination: Engaging in art activities refines these essential skills

Learner's Gallery

Our membership guides your child from feeling bored and unengaged, with uncertainties on how to create, to become an inspired, connected, and confident young artist

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Hello from Miss Jenny

In 2020, I founded Miss Jenny’s Studio inspired by my experiences as a professional artist and teacher with various local art organizations.


I've always recognized the transformative power of art—not only as a means for personal expression but also as a way to teach vital life skills like problem-solving, patience, and emotional regulation.

With the help of our talented teachers, we've had the privilege of working with 10,000+ learners from around the world. Inspired by the lively community in our classes, I wanted to create a membership program for young artists to thrive!

Reviews on our classes

What Parents have to say about working with Miss Jenny

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Drawing Class

Founding Artist Perks
As a Founding Artist Member, your child will enjoy a variety of specially curated experiences designed to foster their artistic growth:

✏️ Weekly Art Challenges: Each week, your child will receive a new art tutorial introducing a drawing technique. These tutorials include step-by-step instructions complemented by a self-directed prompt to enhance their skills.


✏️ Personalized Feedback: Your child will receive encouragement and helpful feedback from Miss Jenny. This personalized interaction inspires young artists and helps them improve their artwork.


✏️ Online Community Access: A space where young artists can share artwork and interact with friends. This community is a safe environment that encourages creative expression and growth.


✏️ Opportunity to Shape the Program: As part of our founding artists, you and your child will have a unique opportunity to provide input that helps shape the future direction of the membership as we grow.


⭐️Bonus⭐️ Monthly Art Parties: Hosted live via Zoom, these engaging sessions vary monthly between drawing, painting, and mixed media. The art parties are not only fun but also educational, introducing the monthly theme that leads the tutorials to be released.


Please Note: The perks listed above are anticipated based on current planning and are subject to change based on feedback from members. This flexibility ensures that our program continuously evolves to meet the needs of our young artists.


Enroll Today with a founding artist rate

Become a Founding Artist Member for $22/month (USD)


This special rate is the lowest it will ever be and is locked in for as long as your child remains a member. 


Registration closes on June 1, and future registrations will be at a higher price. Don’t miss this chance to be part of our growing community from the start.


Click the link below to join Miss Jenny’s Studio Circle!

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