Our studio is made up of a group of passionate artists with experience in education and administration.

our staff


🖌️Miss Jenny - jenny chen

Program Director and Teacher

(Drawing, painting, administration)

“I have always believed that my purpose is to uplift others through art. I started this studio because I discovered I was able to reach others more directly through teaching.”

⭐ Teaching experience: 4+ years of teaching art (all ages), designed and taught programs through the Art Gallery of Ontario and other art organizations in Toronto

⭐ Artist Highlight: Received art grants from the provincial government, exhibited in public galleries in Canada, artwork covered by the Toronto Star

⭐ Education: Bachelor of Fine Art from OCAD University (Canada)

Headshot (2) - Em Noordam.JPG


Art Teacher

(Montessori learning, sculpture, abstract painting)

“I strive to create a welcoming environment that sparks curiosity, creativity, and exploration. I teach to share the marvels of our world and enjoy experiencing children's wonder through their art. I am inspired by the nature around me and use my creativity to express my emotions.”


⭐ Teaching experience: 6+ years of teaching (children 18 months - 6 years old), designed and implemented art curriculum 

⭐ Education: Early Childhood Education from Mohawk College (Canada), Bachelor of Early Years Education from Charles Sturt University (Australia), Montessori pedagogy from the North American Montessori Centre (Canada)

20211223_183507 - Monica Santos.jpg


Art Teacher

(Character design, stop motion animation)

“Growing up I've always loved sharing my knowledge and experience with others. Being able to inspire students to practice their art and expression gives me so much joy! As an animator, I love to sketch and create characters to bring them to life. Specifically, my focus in animation is stop-motion animation.”


⭐ Teaching experience: 4+ years of teaching (with children of all ages)

⭐ Artist Highlight: Created stop motion film that won awards and nomination during college

⭐ Education: Bachelor of Animation from Sheridan College (Canada)


🖌️Miss Bunny - Bunny Huynh


(Painting, drawing, ball joint doll face-up)

 “Art is my life-long passion and my source of creativity. Looking at the world through artists’ eyes encourages perspective, contemplation, and creativity, which is beneficial for various life aspects in a child’s development. I want to create an atmosphere for learners to celebrate their creativity.”


⭐ Teaching Experience: 5+ years of teaching (children and adults), taught ESL in a university setting

⭐ Artist Highlight: Exhibited paintings at Art Gallery of Hamilton, received awards for BJD Face-up competitions internationally

⭐ Education: Bachelor of Psychology from Algoma University (Canada)

headshot - Mikayla Lacey.jpg



(Drawing, painting)

 “I am very passionate about visual arts because I had many incredible teachers growing up. I strongly believe they impacted the way I see the world in a positive way. My goal and philosophy are to give children a safe space to learn, express themselves and have fun creating, just like I did at their age.”


⭐ Teaching Experience: 6+ years of teaching (children and adults of all ages), designed and implemented art curriculum

⭐ Artist Highlight: Exhibited in various galleries in Canada and internationally, artwork covered by BlogTO (Toronto)

⭐ Education: Bachelor of Fine Art from OCAD University



(admin, social media manager)

‘’Art has always been a part of my life and I enjoy painting and drawing everything I find fascinating. Through studying architecture, on top of learning about design, planning, and architecture-related studies, I developed my technical drawing skills further. In my spare time, I illustrate my poems and paint scenes from Ghibli films.’’


⭐Experience: Shela has worked as Architectural Sales Representative before pursuing her interest in Digital Marketing, focusing on Social Media and Email Copywriting.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Architecture