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Miss Jenny

Program Director and Teacher

“I have always believed that my purpose is to uplift others through art. I started this studio because I discovered I was able to reach others more directly through teaching.”

Teaching Philosophy

- Miss jenny

Our Staff: Team Members

Teaching experience: 4+ years of teaching art (all ages), designed and taught programs through the Art Gallery of Ontario and other art organizations in Toronto

Artist Highlight: Received art grants from the provincial government, exhibited in public galleries in Canada, artwork covered by the Toronto Star

Education: Bachelor of Fine Art from OCAD University (Canada)

About miss Jenny

(Drawing, painting, administration)

Artworks by miss Jenny



Teacher Jenny creates an atmosphere that lets kids be kids while creating some really fun art. She comes up with some unique animals but allows the kids to add their own stamp-like rainbow dolphins and mustachioed parrots. The kids also get to play off and inspire each other which makes it even more fun. 


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