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MX. EM🖌️

Art teacher

Our Staff: Team Members
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Teaching Philosophy

“I strive to create a welcoming environment that sparks curiosity, creativity, and exploration. I teach to share the marvels of our world and enjoy experiencing children's wonder through their art. I am inspired by the nature around me and use my creativity to express my emotions.”

- em Noordam (mx. em)

art teacher

🖌️Teaching experience: 6+ years of teaching (children 18 months - 6 years old), designed and implemented art curriculum

🖌️ Artist Highlight: They create Pokemon sculptures with wire and found materials

🖌️ Education: Early Childhood Education from Mohawk College (Canada), Bachelor of Early Years Education from Charles Sturt University (Australia), Montessori pedagogy from the North American Montessori Centre (Canada)

Cool Facts: 

  • - They taught in both English and French

  • - They love to create in cartoons because it allows learners to be creative

  • - They create sculptures with wire and found material, including Pokemon

About mx. em

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(Montessori learning, sculpture, abstract painting)

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Artworks by mx. em



This class was great! I like the way Em incorporated many different learning objectives (safari, numbers, choices, etc.) and engaged with the students - and let the students engage with each other. And I am IN love with the giraffe drawing she made during your class. I was amazed at how well she followed directions, she's never done a drawing like that. She was so proud of herself and later that day "taught" me how to draw a giraffe. Definitely, a new skill clicked and it was so neat to watch!

barbara b.

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