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Miss Aliya🖌️

Art teacher

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Teaching Philosophy

“My goal is to teach students to celebrate their uniqueness, feelings, and dreams through the creation of art. I can do this by understanding that every child learns differently, which is something to celebrate and support.“

- Miss Aliya

art teacher

🖌️Teaching experience: 10 years of experience in childcare, 6+ years of teaching (children ages 1 - 17), designed and implemented art curriculum

🖌️ Artist Highlight: Work exhibited in various group shows in Toronto

🖌️ Education:  Bachelor of Fine Art from Toronto Metropolitan University

Cool Facts: 

  • I love creating art in a collage style using multiple points of focus. I can blend and connect those details to tell a unique and exciting story with drawing, painting, sewing, and photography!

  • I have five names, made up of 3 different languages

About Miss Aliya


(Photography, Drawing, Painting, and Collage)

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Artworks by Miss Aliya

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