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Welcome to
Miss Jenny's Studio

Quality Art Education from Experienced Artists,
Right at Your Home

We bring engaging art classes to kids aged 3-13, taught by artists with a strong background in education. At Miss Jenny’s Studio, we aim to foster the artist in every learner to envision a better world!

Our virtual platform connects and serves learners all around the world.

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Art by Our Teachers
Check Out Art By Passionate Teachers Who Offer Different Expertise

“I believe there are no mistakes in art, only learning opportunities. I like to teach classes in ways that are fun, engaging and welcoming to everyone! I love drawing silly things and making my art come to life!”

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Our Classroom Values
What Makes Our Classes Unique



Unleash Fun

We redefine learning with a playful approach, ensuring every mark unleashes a world of imagination. Mistakes? We see them as creative detours, not roadblocks. 



Create a Social Environment


A classroom isn't just a space; it's a community. We fuel interaction and curiosity, encouraging learners to ask questions, share perspectives, and create friendships. 



Nourish Creativity

Our pedagogy combines guided instruction and self-directed work. We inspire our learners to wander through their imagination and create artworks that reflect their unique selves.

Our Statistics
The Impact of Our Classes on Young Artists


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Our Most Popular Classes
Parent-Approved Classes That Make Learning Fun and Engaging

Exciting New Opportunities to Discover and Develop Talent

Beyond the Basics (Drawing 201).jpg

How to Draw: Beyond Basics | Intermediate Drawing + Art

For ages 8-13

This club is designed for those who have a foundational understanding of drawing and are eager to explore more complex and detailed artwork.

Fashion Design Discovery Beginners Drawing + Art.jpg

How to Draw: Fashion Design Discovery | Beginners Drawing + Art

For ages 8-13

This club is tailored for aspiring designers who are eager to delve into the art of fashion and develop their unique style.

Anime Banner 2.png

Anime Art Adventure:
Anime 101 | Beginners 

For ages 8-13

A must-attend art class for fans of Anime and Manga! Each week, learn to draw characters focusing on various anime elements!

Parent reviews
Hear Directly From the Parents of Our Learners

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